Lyrics delle canzoni di Sachino Seihoshi dal suo terzo cd
"Immortal Love"

Track 01: Once in Silver Land

Bright as the fire can be
I let my light shine
Over the sea and the hills,
An answer to desires.

And then after a trial,
A sacrifice of love,
I met a soul in sorrow
Whose tears would make me move

I granted a wish
And I didn't know
I was linking my heart
To the world below.

My light was trapped
In a shell of skin,
Imprisoned in a new life
So much hard to begin.

I think I was lost
In the darkness of the night
Until I felt your soul
Who became my guiding light

Upon the Silver Land
And on the sea, so far
We flew, I, lost in love,
And you, my brightest star.

Track 02: Calling My Name

There was a time
Not long ago
When you fled away,
Sad and forlorn,
Running from despair.

A Hope so frail
Your faith so hollow
Because your pain did follow
You stopped, it reached,
And then it was just sorrow.

You stood alone,
Wretched and afraid,
Amid a field of ashes
And from your soul
A cry did came:
A cry that was my name.

I heard it through the starred sky
I heard that silent cry
And so I came
Lead by that name,
And our souls where one again.

Later that night
It was just soothing love
And under the light
Of fireflies above
The meadow grew so bright

Because that night
Came out of dreams
A sea of daffodils.

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